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When those young riders start growing, making sure they’re on the right sized dirt bike is important. When they’ve outgrown the DB20 yet aren’t quite ready to go full size, the DB24 is the ultimate mid-sized dirt bike.

  • Aluminum folding gear shift lever

  • Silver front forks 

  • Redesigned throttle assembly with bearing for smooth throttle operation

  • Hydraulic disk brakes front and rear 

  • Folding & adjustable front brake lever

  • Aluminum brake clevis

  • Gold drive chain

  • Rear adjustable shock

  • High performance red ignition coil wire

  • Large handlebar pad

  • Ignition key switch

  • Adjustable forward and Back Bar Clamps

  • Give it Gas and Go Like Mad



DB 24
Dirt Bike

DB 24 

AAA DB24_2022_studio_white_red_front3q.jpg
AAA DB24_2022_studio_white_green_driverside-1 (1).jpg

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